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tv   RT News  PBS  May 2, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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he was. eighteen years in ukraine a large fire started in the grass in the southwest of the country killing more than thirty people on the one holding emergency meetings of violence cannot stay just ahead. german chancellor merkel in dc for me. adverts none in an nsa spying. a report on the agenda between the two world leaders. the us become a nation of pill popping children will look at the issue of over medicating our kids later the cap. fans
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i can to begin with breaking news this evening in on the site in south western ukraine has been killed in a large fire connected with the brass band. the numbers can vary the local police tell the associated press that more than thirty people are dead after local trade union house without a place to be getting the midst of a standoff between ukrainian government supporters and antique and activists. today was marked by violence between those and get protesters in ukrainian military in fact at least three ukrainian troops and two antique its fighters were killed after the government launched a military assault on the eastern city of swansea ask which is held by anti government protesters our team player reports. it was on the street is that the ukrainian army is preparing another vaughan's come tonight to find eight it has people shared in atomic
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terrified they think this is going to happen in as a result you have checkpoints like the one with understanding and if we exit and entrance onto the stool did not believe it has become a in sight just about the bleak mood now is in panic mode knock down sometimes and then sometimes it does have taxes like this one. sometimes they have peace that has been cut down just to close off that boat people to be coming for it as human shields have been talking to a number of woman they say they want to be there and use their bodies to defend the city did nothing to stop ukrainian tenth of august and void. it is also clean up call for resistance inside the town to remain inside their home is not a happy note on sunday it all today friday. most of the blues in the ctc and tell all quiet shops are closed on there are some people needing a bounty of fine arts was people sitting in their homes what she knew steve bennett on the tv screens. this is a city that is in and asked thomas if he has been completely surrounded by the ukrainian on in it
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started with an assault at about five o'clock local time friday morning they went to take up to stack wood shop down the casualty count in ukrainian side these two planets did one kind it is coming from the heat it in the hospital not far from where i'm standing and seven ukrainian soldiers have been injured. he counts on me and soon to give her a taste aside is also to people did everything that number have said the internet was talking to india to one of the come on this he says that given that they also can equip to come paint to the ammunition that is at the disposal of the ukrainian army insists upon is that the casualty count isn't that much high and now my shape is demanding that he did stop this operation it says it will and needs to be held responsible for what has happened on friday and that this operation is going to seat the country divided. that is something that we are hearing people say that now the snow we back it seems to be
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the metaphor which is only a script ukraine. it's not only is fabulous if we've been focusing on tension in the city of and a set of thousands of people took to the streets both pro and anti ship it was stones being thrown. there was violence was on kim reports of injuries we've been told that more than ten people have been injured twenty six was among those cars they were shocking things like hang the so when developments coming on to the case and on the topic of them expected we are hearing reports of ict is inside a study on ski as well smith said he does seem as if it might save his operation he was seen jumping out of a heavy cost to which he forms with that one of my sixty unique forms they would given the honor and then have people get terrified. russian companies are now being bent to fly to phoenix and cut costs. that is the need to sneeze if we are receiving back then of course be imposed by the ukrainian government at the same time the attack on sunday office on friday he is as i sit here
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now says he received for free to find a simple country that is going to be divided russia is also courting on the united nations security council to convene as soon as possible to deal with the situation satisfy the nicer places here in eastern ukraine people very tense people were very frightened. the situation seemingly about to disconnect boise on t study on its eastern ukraine. the meaning of the united nations security council convened today of violence rocking eastern ukraine. stop the proceedings. two hour meeting on the united nations security council the thirteenth time the council meets on the ukrainian christmas the second time this week. we knew who was the wife and left leaning brought up with the increased chaos and violence in eastern ukraine given the goal of life and most are right in the conflict. it was in russia that called for the fashion to take place the thing the urgency of the meaning of what it called
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a rezoning of military haitian against its own people by the cuban government the unraveling of the criminal misadventures that week even more catastrophic consequences for the violence that has already taken place. intentions of the quilting to cuban government backing to refrain from violence point that apostasy is worth and far from leeds. i didn't want to hold the west to stop going with this situation instead of telling russia where and how to keep the troops on its own territory. again reiterated that is not easy when you have stood in the wake of a peaceful solution to the crisis. i started on the grounds that escalated each time the visit of the u s official to please did you tell me what accuse russia of building a case for intervention thinking of cheese pizza. well mom coaching with even more territory the outbreak of further violence in ukraine needs to stop and returning to the geneva agreements with key claims representative of the one that event unraveling eastern and eastern ukraine
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kathleen highly armed militants on the ground and the only military in the east of the country russian support any laptop with masterminding the council that forced a change of power always lead to stimulate the sham and that russia had suggested a variety of formats for dialogue throughout the crisis would never deny the implementation of any agreement that have been reached thing that is why the left uses against russia can also be a selective interpretation of one's own position on the seat pointing at washington's position anticipation in the wind and tomorrow. the council meeting this friday with russia calling the council to agree that all of its members are interested in the hole to violence as i've recently read in geneva rt the insight into us foreign policy as it relates to the situation in ukraine i want to bring in colonel lawrence wilkerson former chief of staff to secretary of state colin powell curl up in your team what is the best thing for us to do right now
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and its own interest and in the interest of ukraine what's typical the answer that question without including europeans and of course the members of nato and moscow. um but when you put it in the way you did i would say what the united states needs to do in conjunction with moscow. and in conjunction with the tomato is move towards some position of neutrality towards ukraine. i don't mean crimea but i mean what's left of ukraine's crimea. i think is a done deal should be treated as a done deal before the negotiating posture that the eu and nato take with moscow. but we need it most sides to understand that is neutral you try ukraine not one moving towards nato. not anytime in the forseeable future. moving towards makeup and not one and only under the sway of moscow. but one
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that is left alone to get its act together. it's a basket case right now. governance wise financial wise economic and trade wise. it needs to be left alone so i can work on its own problems in its own time and more or less become a stable country that's not to say that others can help it. china and turkey the united states brazil europe. they can get financial and economic assistance and even signed trade deals with us all be done in conjunction with a general appreciation of ukraine's neutrality. we're gonna get out of this without a shooting war that grows ever more larger than causes real problem. well the list mentality that has been a long time dispute over whether nato could go any further east after the end of the cold war. now this there's an increased presence of the western alliance with the russian border and some talk of ukraine joining nato. was rushing to do in a situation
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like this. i don't blame russia. um i want satan because. i don't see pertinent is the best thing for russia right now. but why rush of the duma for example for all plotting what britain has done the us violation of its promise is to do a workshop at the yeltsin. when gorbachev acquiesced in the reunification of germany for example that nato would not know one each for their deeds were valid violating major league by president clinton and continued to be violated by george bush. i don't blame russia for its great for our instincts to stop it. so that's a big part of the negotiating posture both countries are taking to the ice age for example could wind up green announcing the agreement that i believe was announced in tbilisi where we said that we were looking for georgia to eventually eventually be a member of the site of the american is going to die
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for tbilisi and article five applied to tbilisi with my tomato a phony alliance immediately. i make those having a hard time as it is anyway. it doesn't have the resolute desk trying anymore since the soviet threat went away and were desperately trying to find one for a doubt are out of area operations became the latest attempt to do so in afghanistan and elsewhere so visit this is a complex problem but it does have the answers to it. it just requires exquisite diplomacy had a lot of ability on both moscow and large the spark to sort of book of situation from as i said hey nobody wins except ukraine and others denied that cotton is trapped in the future of ending the call from the great power desire to have more more people adhere to the or philosophy let's face it. what the heck is the difference between the philosophy of most countries in the world of
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the day. when it falls down to making money and get rich it's at its root. we of predatory capitalists in china we have predatory capitalists in moscow. we have predatory capitalists in washington. indeed we have predatory capitalists everywhere in oral. so let's back off for a minute and let everybody just concentrate on making money and not making war. how sad. the scene at american lawmakers american politicians wanting to push for a new cold war has it that way be it. all i can imagine so when you have love nights like john mccain and others on the floor of the senate. pontificating about how the prez in the united states on a stand up to present the mint soap or this is all nonsense. i would think that almost anyone in the world from may to the rio de janeiro to moscow when figured out by now that the united states congress is not someone to listen to when trying to figure out the farm policy of the united states. okay last
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question him out to get the secrets that sad victory and a clinic said he had a history of corruption in ukraine and when he was accused of calling up the place i lived on protesters who was demonized by a lot of people saying it is inappropriate to do. now the government in kiev is using force against protesters in eastern ukraine calling anti operations and so on. foreign minister sergei lavrov said. this is a practice of double standards by western countries in kiev what you think about this again we are in the weeds there were in a tactical details which are important for day to day operations perhaps but they don't really matter in the greater scheme of things. everyone has some built on the side of the united states the eu ukraine itself. um moscow there's this there is tactical days in the current deal on all sides. and i just admitted that the united states there is a large burden for its expansion into
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we need to forget that we need to push that aside and think about the present in the future. and the only way to deal with the situation in order to do that is to change some form of neutrality for ukraine. let the conclave come down it can be found in him work out some deal if you will. snow's ukraine to be neutral and to be independent and do its own thing economically financially and so forth with as i said the good offices in the help of the great powers and others in world war all for now. this is going to happen with other countries to live with not careful. and that we would need to stop this rhetoric to get so high like that rhetoric on the floor the us and elsewhere. we need it. think about this in the terms of. we don't want another eighteen fourteen. i can see how this could get out and interacted with were talking about two major nuclear powers were talking
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about creeping in to say it runs that all the calls for tat actions that are gonna lead to more actions in the more auctions. this needs to stop entities to stop very soon. and people like mccain and others on the for the us senate and their equivalents in moscow need to stop the rhetoric. otherwise didn't regret it so early in the future. all right sir thank you very much for joining the retired army colonel lawrence wilkerson the german government is keeping being smacked the diplomatic for chancellor merkel's for state visit to washington since two thousand eleven. it blocks and were snowed in from giving evidence in person before a parliamentary inquiry into nsa surveillance claiming a letter to members of the committee that person a limitation that go against the country's political interests and strain u s german relations. instead it decided to offer snowed in a written questionnaire. this agreement led to the resignation of head of the committee does this month
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opposition party members from the left and green party in the country incest and snow to appear in person last june the german foreign ministry rejected stephens application for asylum because it was submitted in person on german soil. but can he then invited now as a way that he could have met those requirements putting pressure on the german government except possibly to completion. opposition politicians said they plan to challenge the government of the town. the nsa scandal has not only presented both chancellor merkel and president obama with political challenges that i was also wounded person relations between the leaders today the rose garden to address the issue along with the situation in ukraine as united states is trying to push a very relaxing germany and harsher sanctions against russia. the sensex with them and brings us more. due to world leaders spoke to reporters today trying to disguise was becoming increasingly complicated relationship between their two nations. chancellor on going merkel arrived at
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the white house for the first time since two thousand eleven. and she wields more power today than she ever happens and arguably more than any of her recent predecessors. he has as the largest economy in europe and the tobacco policy maker in the european union gerrard is crucial to pres obama is push for sanctions against russia and went off the bat the two leaders made it clear that they'll be working together on broader economic sanctions against russia. should they be necessary. russian leadership must know that if it continues to de stabilize eastern ukraine. and disrupt this month's presidential election we will move quickly on additional steps including further sanctions that will impose greater cost. i am firmly convinced that the united states of america and european union. we need to act in concert in and they have done so in a possum but then she continued to use but the question is can merkel convince germans at home that more sanctions are
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in order. at one point in the press conference president obama for what the germans to stop watching russian tv. but the biggest opposition to sanctions comes from germany's top business leaders who rely on russian markets and are openly pressuring chancellor merkel to switch course. still talking about ukraine there's the two world leaders a chance to publicly present a unified stance talking about the nsa does not. but they had to still has questions about spying donated half the press conference. merkel is facing hit home for not responding forcefully enough to be honest its activities in germany. lawmakers in germany one of the us to agree to a narrow spot i'd treat you with them. pres obama said that no such treaty exists with any nation. and both he and chancellor merkel admit it. the resulting it's a fiasco. require more work in the future we do not have a
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blanket no spy agreement with any country. with any of our closest partners. what we are doing with the germans. as we're doing with the french as we do with british or canadian trade body has to work through what exactly. of the rules are governing the relationship between each country. why did i turn this weekend. the situation is. we have to be skeptical. so this is what is going to be the son of god. we met because of the names. and since i'm still just me and it is also why the bbc cbs and laughed the more bands do business with you too heavy for chancellor merkel returns back to german kill me with the u s chamber of commerce they make a pitch for a new transatlantic trade agreement that's really the one issue on the agenda but she president obama and their business allies at home to
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see eye to eye on. but don't expect any breakthroughs here either. as trade deals installed in respective legislatures over concerns with any too much power off to corporate interests. so photo ops an ongoing dialogue happening at the white house but both leaders acknowledge that a lot of work. this still left undone. the white house in washington dc sensex. our sin the children in united states. mental health issues than ever before. according to the centers for disease control among children aged six to seventeen seven point five percent on some sort of prescribed medication for emotional or behavioral problems. the study also found that children from poor families were more likely to be medicated and more well to children and the boys were more frequent least at prescribed site that's been girls. i was talking earlier by dr believe in evil and
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associates assistant clinical professor at the health system. she's also the author of your playlists can change my first asked her whether children are perhaps the mis diagnosed is their legitimate rights and behavioral problems or patterns medical technology finally just caught up with the preexisting issue is that she had to stay. i think if he did and i diagnosis is the key and when that chance again cause they would announce is that something is going on that day emotionally difficult is so inaccurate that the cost of a bad thing because at the stadium itself psychologist still think it is because the tide and has insisted the scheme. ah well um i think emotional disturbances on the wrist and said that extending the keys inside. the key issues sometimes with a difference i've spent on which it says some of the system was implemented. but i think we'll need to deal with it as something other than at this very available and
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acknowledges it is based acknowledge this. i think this is the act economy can help it become to be seen fit to go and mindfulness. i then called for the children to start with the team to new and beautiful spent a full attention because the designer but if we can start with the funeral said he understands where this behavioral disturbances content from the baking. do you think there's a possibility that pharmaceutical companies are pushing for doctorso prescri t childre tt may oray not have aegit in a bi think the outcome of the company and then dissipate joplin and this is the baby teeth and beautiful market into line and they can be sometimes to be pushed back again. i think it's out there that they can say down the dolphin and perceived their professional high because they've been known to the problem and it didn't
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enjoy this can actually be aware of it again in the new technologies new theme that i've hit back when you accept you think my belt offences and then some mindful that it would be futile to be at the bar so i'm not going to succumb to the communications of the market which mind you the heel because of somebody suffering from cd and watch the disturbance. ok so at their son just this medical eye medication be no quick fix there's also the longer term stuff that therapy. i'd never intended to question the study also found each other for four hours and was likely to be on meds and boys more than girls. why do you think might this be. well specifically with the calm more often than not stand at the tills this issue with attention deficit is out of there with the position of the fountain so that this is why boys. i didn't do something cool with an ailing i think i was helping me to be in someone to serve in an attic and found not to it that they're well aware that
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the bus aka monday to saturday limbo is the man spent his youth and that this mindfulness by feedback. this is maybe why they made a quiche and becomes a ghost show is because ammon it's just that fast fix them and email addy so that even as a dance with somebody who can sleep a little is anxious. in fact if you would call them he declined to say that those based on what this would be available sunday medications mind and that the sisters. i will miss the worrying part about to be nekkid possible ethiopia over medicated children and other study just released shows that camden young adult. i heal our nation initiating fair in anti depressants especially high levels or sing a higher rank of felt now is this because of their state of mind before hand and mental state before hand or to the drums played a role well i think there was a warning before the land instead the anti depressants main piece of concrete but
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thinking of somebody suffering from cd yet calm themselves as the transfer of some fall either but boy does the talented passionate so this is sad that this backpack is that biden doesn't have the choice and this is what did the best way to cool on a demon and it was some key status within kids and so confident. i want a scathing anti depressants it usually is on with the team that showed when i'm thinking about the dolls of teaching and so this item status and the thesis that is this a sense because the skin is so fun. but again i think youtube a sale a week or sometimes and he lays on me that this is an oversight that has been professional such as that is very important. all right thank you very much. after going into monastic a clinical professor at the time a health system. i am the veteran our body for the stories they cover to teach at the current flash our team era. they cannot all be lying the anti france to
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it. he has worsened the finish line. turn on what is needed well yet. and
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control something that is one of the greatest treasure. how great is that i will try. nor the ear americans. micro breweries are all the rage right now. mom of two breweries are opening up across the day i'm going to hear that taste like everything i'm very shocked me too however the play in the bed. the post of work and the country. to be where anyone can open up the ante in their country. i have personally been involved in the air the florida beer wholesalers association and probably all the giant beer distributors across the country that you don't like the craft breweries came into their profit the giant beer distributor organization
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controlled year distribution of war to protect him. though the legislation and donate to political campaigns of court. if you're in a new ad that in japan at the seventeen fourteen restrict how much craft breweries can tell the bailout like every family is conducting take the year of their own for the year in an e banking ten year consumers. now more than two thousand the year. now we have here in the older model the container for home and were sent directly to my group only. now if you have to go through distributors to get a distributor represented by the board of the year taylor's association who back the veil. i hope that the brewers have to buy into the air. administrators want to cry and we didn't really
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not and could potentially run the snobbery that it is the legislators who voted for a light green paint the air distribution system he did think that if something holy when i say openly. we are hoping that they shouldn't. contributions to all of their re election campaign. you have it. i like wrapping paper. cronyism. why didn't the white added that bad. the great every time it happened. working in the street about at that time my fellow americans. time is about to be here tonight talk about that night's outing on twitter at the red for that. and one. we will
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win. this line and cake that i need to tell. assembling trains collided in the south korean capital seoul more than two hundred people but intense. the accident happened on the something ninety two and from three thirty friday afternoon. time is the second oldest trick in style and one of the most crowded. then came the end of the night and stopped at some one to shimmy station christopher t c two hundred for two people were injured and fifty nine am were hospitalized. an announcement